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Multnomah Falls

For an unforgettable day trip, hop in the car and visit the Multnomah Falls. The falls are situated in the Columbia River Gorge, just half an hour’s drive away from our vacation rental.

You can take the scenic route through Washington and along the Columbia River, it’s a road trip that takes in some of Oregon’s most spectacular scenery. Head over the Bridge of the Gods, named after a natural bridge that was created many centuries ago from a landslide. The natives called it the Bridge of the Gods. Eventually it was washed away by the Columbia River, but you’ll now crossover a beautiful man-made construction named after its predecessor.

Look out for Exit 35, which is the turning off for the Multnomah Falls.

A visit to the Multnomah Falls isn’t just about seeing one waterfall, there is a whole route of them to enjoy!

The Waterfall Corridor Trail starts off at Horsetail Falls with its 176 foot drop. Hike up to the the top to take in the wonderful views. From there you can drive or cycle to the highlight of the trail, Multnomah Falls. One of the most visited scenic attractions in the Pacific Northwest, the falls are an incredible sight. Fed from the underground springs of Larch Mountain, the flow over varies depending on the season. Winter and Springtime tend to yield the highest flows.

Hike up to the halfway bridge, where you can get a close-up view of the upper falls. It’s pretty spectacular! And from there you can hike up to a point that overlooks the falls. It takes around 20 minutes / 1 mile to walk up, but it’s worth it. You can dip your feet into the spring source.

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Head on to Lateral Falls, where you can climb down into the basin of the falls for your winning Instagram selfie.

At the end of the trail, why don’t you stop at Vista House at Crown Point. A museum and memorial to Oregon pioneers. It’s a wonderful example of German Art Nouveau Architecture, and affords the most spectacular views. The surrounding landscape is awe-inspiring, with the glittering river encompassed by a landscape of valleys and emerald forests.

We highly recommend you get to the falls trail early, as it can get very crowded, with lots of traffic and difficulty parking can be difficult, especially at the weekends.